The Importance of Creative Expression

Not categorically related to travel, but… bear with me.

I was scrolling through my blog the other day and I was thinking… is there actually any point in all this? Is it worth my time to upload travel writing/travel memoirs for public inspection- a group of people I know nothing about? What am I actually getting from all this?

I deliberated for some time, asking myself about the relevance of my writing- am I writing for myself as some sort of digital diary? Am I writing for the benefit of others, to advise and connect with like-minded individuals? Or am I simply writing because I feel the need, a creative and instinctive impulse that compels you to translate memories and thoughts into words and meaning?

Enough with the questions- this isn’t some sort of self-soothing therapy session or anything, I promise. Anyhow, after these doubts, musings and reflections I came to the conclusion that my blog was essentially a place where I could archive my travel writing- a sort of portfolio should travel writing ever become my profession. In reality, I don’t think I want to/or am suited to becoming a travel writer and so it made me think whether I should continue uploading content. Another (really crucial) factor to consider was the fact that as an impoverished student (can’t wait to see the total debt when I graduate, yay…), I wasn’t exactly going to be travelling much anymore. When I started this blog I was half way through my Erasmus Year Abroad, so as you can imagine, a perfect opportunity to set up a ‘travel blog’ so to speak. And, well, now that year has regrettably come to an end, I haven’t got secret stashes of blog post ideas lurking around. Sure, I’d be likely to go on holiday again- (like, once a year, mind…) but the reality is, my travel opportunities are limited. My blog now felt pointless and without any purpose.

Maybe I need to shake things up a little. Write about other things I care about. Music or food perhaps? But then, isn’t that deviating from the ‘niche-ness’ of writing purely on travel? We’re told that if we want our blogs to be successful, they need to stick to one general topic. But then again, ‘travel’ in itself isn’t particularly ‘niche’ is it? Ughhh, then does the mere fact that I’m talking about how ‘niche’ it is mean that I actually care about how popular my site is? Am I after the ‘likes’??

I don’t think anyone in my generation can deny ever musing on the status of one of their new profile pictures or Instagram posts, how many little blue ‘thumbs up’ it receives. The same it seems would go for any social media, WordPress included, and for this I must be guilty.

So, I’m not entirely sure If I ever reached a conclusion there. I think my blog needs to evolve somehow. Whether that means including new topics or being more specific with the theme of ‘travel’. As for the meaning behind it all, I certainly still intend for it to be evidence of my writing in terms of prospective employers, but at the same time, don’t all artists and creative minds produce content as a means of expression? You’ve always got to have something you really, really want to say, something that provokes and engages the reader/viewer etc. It can’t ever be for yourself solely- there would be no point, (in my opinion anyhow).



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  1. I love this! You’ve nailed something that I’d been experiencing all summer. It feels a little fake having a travel blog while not travelling, and even though you can drag up old stories from memory, they’re only a finite resource. I try to think of my blog as an online diary, and I don’t worry too much that not many people read it. It’d be lovely to be adored and showered with praise, obviously 😉 but it’s not too big of a deal.

    I’ve been lucky and am travelling again now, having moved country a few weeks ago. But over summer while I was landlocked, I kind of switched up my blog from a travel site to one just based on new experiences. That’s all travelling really is, anyway. Maybe you could do that 🙂 Do some cool, new, weird stuff and write about it. Whatever you do, don’t give up! It’s good to have an outlet 🙂

    …Sorry for the essay haha


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