What Dementia Looks Like In The Eyes of An 89-Year-Old

  • Having a stab and guessing that the present year is 1952

  • Forgetting to eat your cereal

  • Losing your money like there’s no tomorrow

  • Thinking you’re already 90 years old

  • Not remembering how much wine you’ve already drunk that evening

  • Assuming your grandchild is still at school, and probably aged about 15

  • Repeatedly forgetting whether you’ve written your Christmas cards yet, or not

  • Wishing you had your car back despite no longer remembering where your children live

  • Overdosing on pills because you lost track…

  • Drinking more wine to compensate for the back pain, before forgetting that you have special pills for that…

  • Forgetting the ‘friendly face’ who invited you over for tea

  • Playing a game of hide and seek with your specs

  • Getting cross when someone you vaguely know (may be your daughter?!) attempts to sort your life out

  • Dissing the care homes because you’re not quite ready for the continuous bingo sessions and the unnecessary mollycoddling

  • Refusing/forgetting to see the doctor because you’re ‘perfectly fine’

  • Going to bed with the yearly planner by your side

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