Saying Goodbye to Education

Apologies to my followers (all 35 of you. Lol.) for not having posted for several months I believe… things have been a little hectic you could say with finals and a general lack of inspiration on all fronts. It’s this lack of inspiration which I thought needed addressing in fact. Something which I think is directly linked to the fact that as a Graduand, (who even uses that word though…) my peers and I are very much on the brink of the unknown. On the cusp of change whereby the comforts we have come to know since our childhood will be stripped from us at an alarming pace. Our future is for us to decide- what career path we take, where we live, how we live our lives…so much uncertainty, in fact, I kind of find myself having mini ‘break-downs’ just trying to fathom how I’m going to get where I want to be.

No one ever really tells you what it’s honestly like to finish your degree. You only hear the good bits. The celebratory events, grad week, the nights out etc. Sure, I get the feeling that most of us are excited by what lies ahead of us, and doubtless we’re all relieved to have finally said goodbye to education – a system which has dictated our lives since the age of 4 -, but equally, the unfamiliar and the unknown continues to petrify me.

Another reality which sets me off is the idea that there may be some people from university whom I may never see again. Of course, I’m hopeful that I’ll stay in contact with my closest friends, but then of course, not everyone’s going to want to work in the same city, let alone the same country! And no, I’m 100% not doing a master’s…I think I’ve got enough student debt as it is thanks!

So essentially, I suppose what I’m trying to say is that, I don’t really feel prepared to venture out into the brutal realities that make up ‘life’. But…in accordance with what I’ve just said, I don’t really have a choice. None of us can just back out because we’re ‘not really feeling it’. With that, I kid you not I’m going to scour the internet for god knows how long until I can find some more supposedly graduate level jobs for which I’m far from the ‘ideal candidate’.

Hope this doesn’t bore you too much.


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  1. Very eye opening. Just stumbled upon your blog today and I’m in love. Great post, liked and subscribed.
Check out my blog sometime?

    Have a good day!


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